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THE HUMAN ELEMENTS OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE: Life Stories of Four Environmental Changemakers in Indonesia (Soft Cover)
oleh Silvia Irawan

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Format : Soft Cover
ISBN : 6236421854
ISBN13 : 9786236421857
Tanggal Terbit : Juli 2024
Bahasa : English
Penerbit : Yayasan Obor


How did Indonesia, once the epicenter of tropical deforestation, become a model for environmental governance? Through the stories of four leading Indonesians, we explore how individuals can change systems to benefit nature and society. The four Indonesians show how expertise, commitment, and strategic opportunism can solve environmental harm.  Wahjudi Wardojo, a forester, shows how committed bureaucrats can drive positive change from within the system. Achmad Santosa, Indonesia’s leading environmental lawyer, in contrast, shows the importance of legal changes to enable positive environmental change. Daddy Ruhiyat, tells a different story, of how to build alliances among governments, companies, civil society, and communities to achieve local change. Finally, Sulistyowati Irianto, emphasizes how improving gender and indigenous rights through education and activism can lead to a healthier environment.

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