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The Lyrics of Self-Acceptance (Soft Cover)
oleh R. Yuki Agriardi

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Format : Soft Cover
ISBN : 6020654001
ISBN13 : 9786020654003
Tanggal Terbit : 30 Juni 2021
Bahasa : Indonesia
Penerbit : Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Lost When I feel alone there`s once in a while thought to pour myself away. Then I saw, I was never alone, but only lost. Lost from my herd away. Agriardi is known as an artist that often works with the color of blue and the portrayal of animals, instead this time he uses a juxtaposition of 100 highly colorful drawings and lyrics. As if expressing that each phase towards self-acceptance can`t be flattened-put to one perspective, reason, and problem, hence the explosion of color and experience inside this book. This book is part of his new series of work: Future Habitat of Happiness. Where he tries to investigate human well-being through his journey in understanding himself as a person who is struggling with daily madness in this anxious period of time. This book doesn`t propose any solution, but rather shares the artist`s perspective and accentuates the awareness about self-acceptance, which hopefully will echo for those who also struggle to accept themselves.

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