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Excor Legacies: Concealed Society (Soft Cover)
oleh Maharanty Athena

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Format : Soft Cover
ISBN : 6236421323
ISBN13 : 9786236421321
Tanggal Terbit : 5 Februari 2022
Bahasa : Indonesia, English
Penerbit : Yayasan Obor


Being anything other than ordinary has never crossed Maliha’s wildest imagination, after living for 15 years as a normal human she had thrown the idea of being different out of her mindset, aiming to live a normal, mundane human life. That is until this strange man appeared before her and gave her a letter to attend this unknown school where the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans meet.

Without any detailed explanation of what’s happening, she was sent far away from her family to a new world of Excors, people who are able to control a substance according to their will.

Fitting in was not that big of a problem for her, it seemed she would have lived a normal life with the addition of powers; until a string of events happened that makes her think otherwise.

The realm of Excors with such an extraordinary boarding school is inspired by Harry Potter’s world – just without its kind of witchcraft. Maliha, the Indonesian girl as its central character, even wondered if her role was somewhat like Hermione Granger, Harry Potter’s dear classmate – with quite different adventures and ... destiny!

This – definitely – is a laboratory of imagination for an emerging author!

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