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Cultural Travel And Migrancy
The artistic representation of globalization in the electronic media of West Java
oleh Edwin Juriens

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ISBN : 9067182222
ISBN13 : 9789067182225
Tanggal Terbit : 2007
Bahasa : English
Penerbit : Yayasan Obor
Halaman : 226

Cultural travel and migrancy examines how people in West Java use modern media such radio, television, and cassettes to give expression to their thoughts and feelings about problems of contemporary life. It describes artistic approaches to globalization, one of the problems that as been felt most pressing during the late New Order and early Reformation. Situating itself at this remarkable turning-point in Indonesian history, its-ows that local artists have not been mere victims or products of globalization, but virtual migrants who self consciously steer the electronic media on their worldwide travels. The book give an analysis of relevant case-studies and historical debates on culture and presentation in Indonesia and the West, and also provides an overview of early development and recent trends in the Indonesian language and culture, it is a pioneering and gap-filling complement to the exiting literature on media, which has predominantly dealt with national and international, rather than regional or local, cultural contexts. Edwin Juriens (1972) is a lecturer in Indonesian Language and Culture at the University of New South Wales (Australian Defence Force Academy) in Canbera. His current research is about radio journalism in post-Soeharto Indonesia. This book is a revised version of his doctoral thesis(2001).

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