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State Palaces In Indonesia- Istana - Istana Kepresidenan di Indonesia (Soft Cover)
Peninggalan Sejarah Dan Budaya - Historical And Cultural Heritage
oleh Asti Kleinsteuber

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Format : Soft Cover
ISBN13 : 9789791705776
Tanggal Terbit : 13 September 2010
Bahasa : English
Penerbit : Elex Media Komputindo
Dimensi : 250 mm x 235 mm

Cultural identity is a subject of considerable concern for young nations. Indonesian culture originates from many different sources, within the country abroad. Like a diamond, presenting itself in many different colours of the spectrum, however in the end being one solid piece only: Unity in Diversity (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika). State Palaces in Indonesia reflect just that. This book tell a story about State Palaces in Indonesia as national heritage both in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Not only photo architecture, Kleinsteuber wrote historical background for all State Palaces. "These palaces are not just only huge buildings, but places, where history had been made by so many different persons and parties. We came to feel with our hearts, how our nation traveled through the centuries, finally arriving in the presence" [Asti Kleinsteuber]

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