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A Brief Report on Water (Soft Cover)
oleh Dr. Li Qing

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Format : Soft Cover
ISBN : 9793019034
ISBN13 : 9789793019031
Tanggal Terbit : 2001
Bahasa : English
Penerbit : METAFOR
Halaman : 110
Dimensi : 140 mm x 215 mm

People love to call Li Qing an apostle of poetry. He has played a leading role in popularizing Chinese poetry throughout the world. Li Qings realistic concern with life and his unaffected pursuit of the true, the good and the beauty become the soul of his poetry. Reading Li Qings poems means to know him and to know his simple and noble character - Liu Zhangqiu The image of war rises from the red pervading the spring of 99 in Kosovo; the red flowers are a reminiscence of the Kosovo peonies; the proportions of the tragedy are suggested by the sea and the sun, both tinged by the color of agony; and the water of life - rain, rivers, seas - have turned into a symbol of violence and death.-Dr. Krinka Vidakovic One of the most impressive poems on the Holocaust has been written by a Chinese poet from Hong Kong.-Dr. Aleksander Petrov Many of Li Qings poems are like pictures, filled with bright colors, smooth lines and soft tones. You can see the poet standing before the canvas and composes verses, eye with smiles. The beauty of sound on the poems is intoxicating. It is evident that classical Chinese literature has had a profound impact on Li Qings poems-Sha Ou, poet and poetry critic

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