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The 24-Carrot Manager (Hard Cover)
oleh Adrian G.6t Elton

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Format : Hard Cover
ISBN : 9796943727
ISBN13 : 9789796943722
Bahasa : Indonesia
Penerbit : Bhuana Ilmu Populer
Halaman : 103
Dimensi : 145 mm x 205 mm

"After years of being drivern forward by fear and intimidation, troops aren't willing to fight the battle anymore. They're leaving the ranks to join a growing number of recruits at firms that lead with carrots," say nationally renowned employee-recognition experts Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton. In this companion volume to their successful Managing with Carrots, Gostick and Elton present a remarkable story of how a great leader can unleash human potential, creating success in either good economies or bad. Providing strategies and solutions for the managers of today, this book offers answers for improving employee commitment and profitability through strategically acknowledging employee effort. How is it done? The answer is deceptively simple: with carrots. Plentiful examples show how to choose the right reward for each employee, how to time the giving of a reward to motivate performance, how to effectively present rewards, when to give praise in private and when to make it a public celebration, and how to motivate employees to work harder and work smarter with the company's goals in mind.

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oleh Adrian G.6t Elton
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