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Optical Fiber Communications

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Optical Fiber Communications 
oleh: Gerd E. Keiser
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Penerbit :    Mcgraw Hill Higher Education
ISBN :    0071088083
ISBN-13 :    9780071088084
Tgl Penerbitan :    2010-01-11
Bahasa :    English
Ukuran :    350x860x300 mm
Berat :    966 gram
Tag :    buku impor 3-2
Sinopsis Buku:
A revision of the senior/graduate level text for courses dealing with the theory and application of Optical Fiber Communication Technology, this book progresses from descriptions of the individual elements of an optical communications system to an analysis of system design and ends with discussions of measurement techniques for evaluating components and systems. This edition adds a chapter on systems, new sections on Model Noise, single-mode fibers, and LED-to-made fiber coupling. The book maintains its emphasis on practical design considerations throughout.

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